Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Yankee engineers have over three decades of experience with the analytical modeling of heat transfer equipment, heating and cooling systems and combustion processes. In addition to our thermal expertise, Yankee is proficient in the modeling of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, psychrometric processes. We also provide critical analysis of mechanical systems, including bearing loads, power and dynamic behavior. We consider these disciplines to be our core areas of expertise.

The diversity of our activities has further resulted in the development of analytical capabilities for fluidic devices, surface tension and capillary flow systems, acoustics and resonance of fluids, electronics, and aerodynamics.
Examples of the types of systems that Yankee has analyzed include all types of building and process heating and cooling systems, thermodynamic modeling of scroll, screw and reciprocating gas expanders and compressors, thermodynamic and flow modeling of supersonic nozzles and ejectors and thermal modeling of advanced heating and cooling systems. The tools that we employ to perform analytical modeling include spreadsheets, SolidWorks with FEA and CFD Flow Simulation Capabilities, AutoCAD, and task-specific engineering programs. To solve complex problems we also develop custom software using Visual Basic with support code including the NIST RefProp themofluid properties database package.