Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Government plays a large role in seeding innovation in the United States. Yankee Scientific’s work with government organizations has been the seed for important new business for us and our partners. Over the last twenty years we have had over 50 prime contracts with government agencies, all connected with moving mechanical and electrical engineering technologies forward. Often we have been an important business interface between private sector organization and government agencies. Our internal controls and procedures meet those required by government agencies using public funds.

The often challenging missions of government agencies and the military are a major driver of technology development. Yankee participates in this market for innovation in the public sector by routinely searching for needs that we can meet, by providing innovative solution ideas, and undertaking goal oriented development projects. Yankee Scientific serves as both a prime contractor and sub-contractor for government and military agencies. In many such projects, Yankee has been partnered with a third-party private company not attuned to doing business with the government entities and their special needs for financial controls and procedures.
Case Study
Scroll Expander and Vapor Jet Cooling with R245fa Refrigerant Working Fluid
An improved method for efficiently delivering electricity and cooling to outdoor sited electronics shelters was needed. Yankee engineers have designed and built a novel combined power and cooling technology demonstrator that utilizes a custom scroll expander – generator to produce power along with a vapor jet bottoming cycle for refrigera tion. The R245fa refrigerant working fluid is ideal for the Rankine power cycle and a a newly developed high performance ejector allows this refrigerant to provide proper cooling in ambient of 110 F.
Case Study
Development Rapid Inflation Unit
The US military has a need for rapidly deployable aircraft shelters. One new approach to this problem involves structures with high-pressure air beams. Field requirements for inflation of these air beams are beyond those available from commercial air compressors. To meet this need Yankee Scientific design and built a light-weight, high-volume rapid inflation (compressor) unit for erection of air beam shelters.
Case Study
Design of High-Performance Ejectors for Air-Borne Laser
The high-power chemical laser systems being developed by the US Missile Defense Agency require the pumping of large amounts of gaseous mixtures within the confines of a transport aircraft. Using advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling tools, Yankee had developed advanced ejector designs that improve system performance.