Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Gas and Electric utilities are routinely confronted with new technology options for production, for transmission, and applications by their customers. Yankee assists energy utilities in these areas by technology assessment, demonstrations, and tests. Of particular relevant is our experienced in remote sensing and monitoring of distributed energy systems. Yankee welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we can help energy utilities maintain, improve, and expand their operations while meeting important efficiency and conservation objectives.
Case Study
Installation and Monitoring of Micro-Combined Heat and Power Systems
Energy utilities have a strong interest in understanding the performance characteristics of alternative energy systems deployed in their systems. In response, Yankee has developed software and communications systems for remote monitoring of residential energy appliances. We have applied this Internet based monitoring technology in equipment demonstration programs for a number of energy utilities interested in the field performance of micro-combined heat and power systems.
Case Study
Assessment of Home Natural Gas Refueling Appliances
A group of large electric and gas utilities were interested in determining if natural gas Home Refueling Appliances (HRAs), essentially compact residential natural gas compressors, could be manufactured more economically than was possible with existing products. Yankee undertook a program to test existing HRA devices, meet with existing HRA manufacturers and evaluate alternate compressor technologies for this application. This work provided a basis for selecting manufacturers that were best situated to provide advances in this product offering.
Case Study
Assessment of Dry Cooling for Electric Power Generating Plants.
Power plant siting is limited by the availability of cooling water. So called dry-cooling systems have been brought to market that have no consumptive use of water. Yankee undertook an assessment of the future need and role for this technology for Electric Power Research Institute and its member companies. As follow-up, Yankee Scientific organized an industry symposium that was well-attended by the participants of this emerging technology sector.