Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Product quality, production rate, uniformity, and efficiency are typical concerns in process and materials-based operations. Yankee offers engineering assistance in modeling the physics of the materials processes often resulting in solutions that increase productivity. Yankee offers assistance in understanding the physics of manufacture and materials processing and achieving solutions to increase productivity. We look to identify the production limiting factors and create practical solutions, whether they involve process redesign or just tuning of the existing system. We use the most modern modeling and simulation tools.

Our experience includes a wide variety of fluid, thermal, materials handling, and processing products and systems. Our system designs often include state-of-the-art control systems using high-performance microprocessors and apply sophisticated control strategies. Look to Yankee for the experience to integrate the excellent capabilities of experienced metal fabricators and foundries, high-performance polymers and alloys, durable industrial components, and user-friendly controls to meet your industrial and energy products development and design needs.
Case Study
High Temperature and Pressure Tribometer
Tribology is the science of wear and friction. Practical tribological performance data for materials is achieved by measuring wear and friction of the candidate materials in the application environment. Our client needed to measure the wear properties in a high temperature and pressure steam environment. Commercially available tribometers have limited temperature and no pressure containment capability. Yankee developed a custom tribometer to enabling the routine measurement of the orbital-motion tribological properties of a wide range of ceramic and graphitic materials to temperature in excess of 900 °F and pressure of 1000 psia.
Case Study
Military Field Kitchen with Integrated Energy Supply
For decades, the US Army has used rather primitive appliances for preparation of meals in field kitchens. Most operate with large and noisy diesel fuel burners located directly under the cooking surfaces. To meet future needs for safer and “cook” friendly field kitchens, Yankee Scientific developed an integrated, self-contained kitchen system operating with a single isolated burner and high-pressure/temperature instantaneous water heater to supply heat energy to all the cooling appliances. A large grilling appliance, soup kettles, oven, electrical power generator, and water heater were operated for this single heat source. Yankee developed the concept and then designed and built a complete demonstration system that met performance expectations. Attached picture is of Army brass enjoying steak dinner from this new type of field-deployable food preparation system.