Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Industry trade and promotional organizations often have needs to develop, evaluate, and test technology to further the interests of their members. Yankee has worked with some of the largest industry trade and development organizations. Often projects are initiated by Yankee staff members based on their understanding of industry needs, sometimes as part of multi-organization teams.
Case Study
Test and Evaluation of Coating for Heat Condensing Exchangers.
The International Copper Association supports the use of copper by industry. Copper has been widely utilized by heating equipment manufacturers, but has been losing favor because of its limited ability to withstand the corrosive environment found in high-efficiency combustion appliances. Yankee designed and built a special test facility and then tested a wide variety of metallic and organic coating that could provide the protection needed. Today, a number of manufacturers utilize coating to protect copper heat exchangers in this application.
Case Study
Assessment of Dry Cooling for Electric Power Generating Plants.
Power plant siting is limited by the availability of cooling water. So called dry-cooling systems have been brought to market that have no consumptive use of water. Yankee undertook an assessment of the future need and role for this technology for Electric Power Research Institute and its member companies. As follow-up, Yankee Scientific organized an industry symposium that was well-attended by the participants of this emerging technology sector.