Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

For Private Sector Businesses
All Yankee Scientific work begins with an idea and is undertaken to achieve an asset.  The idea can take many shapes.  It can be application of physical principle, technology, tool, or material to either a new or old challenge.  The resulting asset can be a custom system design, a new or improved product, a machine or special equipment, a new way of manufacturing, or valuable intellectual property and trade secrets.
Yankee welcomes opportunities to discuss new technical product and application ideas with business organizations.  From this interaction, the potential pathways for cooperation are established.  We can become engaged in supplying project-specific engineering services to your organization or work to form a new business venture based on a mutually recognized opportunity.  A fair balance of business risk and rewards define all interactions between Yankee Scientific and its clients and partners.  We like to move forward in well-understood and measured steps.

Government Contracting Capability
Government plays a large role in seeding innovation in the United States.  Yankee Scientifics work with government organizations has been the seed for important new business for us and our partners.  Over the last twenty years we have had over 50 prime contracts with government agencies, all connected with moving mechanical and electrical engineering technologies forward.  Often we have been an important business interface between private sector organizations and government agencies.  Our internal controls and procedures meet those required by government agencies using public funds.