Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Yankee Scientific provides technical innovation for the private and public sectors by applying our talents in a wide range of engineering disciplines. With a focus on achieving practical mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, Yankee employs our decades of experience along with all the tools of the modern information age to meet the technology challenges of our clients and partners. We develop new products, machines and systems from concept through all aspects of development including performance validation and field testing. We create sound concepts, develop detailed mechanical, electrical, and electronic designs, and build and test prototypes. We support our system and product developments achievements through manufacture and production. We share in our customer’s dreams and goals of creating new technology-based enterprise.

Much of Yankee Scientific’s work has been concerned with product and technology innovations for generating, converting and using energy efficiently. Energy in the form of heat is a particular specialty. We are experts in the development of advanced energy appliances. Increasingly we look to command, control, and communications capabilities of digital technology to achieve new levels of performance with mechanical, energy, and materials processing systems.