Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

Manufacturing organizations often have a need for custom equipment and machines, product prototypes, and instruments that cannot be met by existing industry suppliers. Applications may be in production, testing, or even display. To meet these needs Yankee can provide complete concept development to construction services applying state-of-the-art design tools, materials, and controls. Our decades of experience in thermal, fluid, mechanical, control, and electronics design can be applied to achieve cost-effective solutions in meeting special needs. We welcome inquiries regarding what direction we would take to meet your custom equipment needs. We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel and don’t work in a vacuum. We always look to opportunities to achieve the needed result by building upon, and teaming with, experience and capabilities outside our own organization.
Case Study
Development of Scroll Expanders
High-Speed, multi-axis, computer-controlled machining technology has been the basis for adoption of scroll-type positive displacement compressor technology by several industries. To meet special needs for military power systems, Yankee Scientific developed the technology and tools to create a scroll expanders for generation of power from high pressure steam and gases. Yankee has subsequently designed non-oil-lubricated, non-compliant scroll expanders as well as oil-lubricated, compliant scroll expanders.
Case Study
Mono-block Cast Aluminum Boiler
Millions of American homes are heated with steam and hot water boilers made from durable cast iron. For new high efficiency boilers, cast iron is not acceptable on account of the condensation of water vapor in the combustion products. Yankee designed and developed the first cast aluminum boiler produced in the United States. A design particular to the installation practices of the US was conceived that involved the innovative use of single, but complex, aluminum sand casting that integrated the water and combustion passages into a single unit. Production required requiring a minimum post-casting machining for connection of water piping and controls.
Case Study
Hybrid Integration Unit for Cogeneration System
Practical integration of small combined heat and power generation units with conventional home heating systems required the development of a unit that would integrate the mechanical and control functions of the overall system. Yankee completed the mechanical and control design of an Internet communicating Hybrid Integration Module and carried this product through agency certification, field testing, and delivery of production drawings, bill of material, and vendor supply chain to its joint venture partner for mass production.