Yankee Scientific: The Practice of Ingenuity

All Yankee Scientific work begins with an idea and is undertaken to achieve an asset. The idea can take many shapes. It can be application of physical principle, technology, tool, or material to either a new or old challenge. The resulting asset can be a custom system design, a new or improved product, a machine or special equipment, a new way of manufacturing, or valuable intellectual property and trade secrets.

Yankee’s core business of mechanical and electrical engineering research and development puts us into the fray of creating new commercial enterprise. We have, and welcome the opportunity, to become involved with our customer’s new business mission. We look to use our own technology, market, and business ideas to identify new business opportunities for ourselves, our partners, and our clients. We are always open to opportunities to work with sound technical ideas and reliable partners to create new enterprise, with an appropriate sharing of the risks and rewards. We have been instrumental in helping shape technology- based new businesses by providing assistance in attaining financial support, reviewing ideas and plans, forming new business units, and leading in the creation and application of appropriate technology.

Yankee welcomes opportunities to discuss new technical product and application ideas with business organizations. From this interaction, the potential pathways for cooperation are established. We can become engaged in supplying project-specific engineering services to your organization or work to form a new business venture based on a mutually recognized opportunity. A fair balance of business risk and rewards define all interactions between Yankee Scientific and its clients and partners. We like to move forward in well-understood and measured steps.
Case Study
Cogeneration Technology Joint Venture
Alternative energy pathways are significant societal interest. One of Yankee’s long-standing customers, at manufacturer of conventional fossil-fuel heating furnaces, wanted to move in the direction of alternative energy, but without abandoning their roots. To this end Yankee worked to form an international team of technology and manufacturing partners to create a revolutionary way of supplying heat and power to homes. Today, Climate Energy, LLC, and its freewatt® product, is the leader in micro-CHP products in North America.
Case Study
High-Purity Semiconductor Processing Collaboration
A startup manufacture of very high value semiconductors needed help with the design of the internal components of its critical high-temperature processing system. Yankee though it could help and became convinced of the value of the company's mission. To that end, in lieu of immediate financial compensation, Yankee provided detailed analysis and design assistance for a small stake in the enterprise. Today this company is making headlines in its industry and Yankee looks forward to sharing in their success.